Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrambled eggs, buttered toast and Weiner for breakfast

Hey hey Greenpoint-

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, we're going to get right on that. I'll just use the rash of holidays as an excuse.

Anyway, some neighborhood updates are definitely in order. Last Friday, Aaron and I took a field trip down south--to Midwood, that is--to meet Congressman Weiner for a reporter round-table where we had the opportunity to pick his brain about all sorts of issues including his possible Mayoral campaign (he's going to make the announcement in May, repeating over and over that, if in fact he decides to run, he's confident that he will win), the MTA budget crisis, the stimulus bill and the possibility of Newtown Creek being added to the Federal Superfund List. Interesting stuff, Congressman. Thanks for having us. Bad news though: apparently things are going to get worse before they get better, economically speaking. Good thing it's almost summer, then it'll be too hot to worry about job security.

Speaking of the weather, the weekend was sunny and beautiful and the Gazette staff definitely spent some serious time in McCarren Park, where certain areas have been fenced off to allow for the grass to regrow--the main reason that the new Artists and Fleas outdoor flea market, slated to open up for the summer on May 2, will be set up on the concrete portion of the park surrounding the old field house.

As most of you may also know, Monday was our very own Publisher Jeff Mann's birthday (don't ask how old, he'll lie to you), so we went to the Mark Bar for some good old fashioned Greenpoint trivia. Do you know what McCarren Park was called before it was called McCarren Park? Oh, we do. Well, actually we didn't. But luckily Eric Peterson, the manager for CB1 parks, was on our team. I'm sure you all remember what the code words for cocaine were earlier this year. We definitely knew that one--the bust was right next door to our office. We also learned that Pat Benetar was born on Manhattan Avenue, the Pencil Factory invented erasor-topped pencils, Rite Aid used to be a roller rink and a bunch of other stuff. Thanks Greenpoint Library Friends Group, we had a total blast. And not only because we got first place.

In other news, this week is about to be bananas. Tonight we've got the OSA southside community meeting at El Puente, followed by an OSA talent show at Public Assembly, AND the Greenpoint Hospital meeting at Swingin' Sixties. Too bad it's impossible to be three places at once. We're going to try to do our best though.

Ok, that's all for now. Hope hump day is treating you well, see you in tomorrow in our weekly CB1 listserve email blast!

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