Monday, April 27, 2009

Manhattan Avenue Police Chase Eyewitness Account

Michal Tylutki who works at a store on Manhattan Avenue and Calyer Street saw the white van flying down Manhattan Avenue followed by the silver undercover police car at what looked like 100 miles per hour. 

"My first reaction was that they guy was just speeding the undercover police was about a block behind him. His siren was pretty low so I didn't hear it until it got closer to my location they were about a block behind the van.  As soon as I realized what was happening I was in shock. It was around 1:30 and the streets were busy with mothers walking around with their kids you had elderly people. It was pretty busy for a monday afternoon. It was shocking to see that going down I felt like a lot of innocent people were put at risk because of this chase and unfortunatly it worst has happened a innocent person has died because of this. Right after they went by I seen a van for the 90th right behind pretty soon there were more cop cars converting on Manhattan Avenue soon after three emergency service units went by. The store is pretty far from where this ended so I didn't hear the impact. I heard from a few people that the white van did hit the woman and kept going until it hit the jeep and stopped. But that's only what I heard from a few diffrent people. I also heard that the van was stolen and that's the reason for the chase. But again that's what I heard from people and I don't know that for a fact. Later that afternoon two NYPD detectives came by the store asking if we had cameras outside or that point at the street. I guess they went to all businesses looking for a recording of this."

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