Monday, April 27, 2009

Murder, Followed by a Three-Car Pile-Up

A car thief fleeing undercover police officers, in a van stolen minutes earlier from Jackson Street, hit Huron Street resident Violetta Krzyzaka, 37, on Manhattan Avenue between India and Huron Street at 2:13 this afternoon. Efforts were made to revive her, but according to a report from the 90th precinct, a liutenant pronounced the woman dead at the scene. A few moments later, the suspect ran his white Dodge Caravan Minivan into a parked Jeep, pushing it on top of a green minivan, resulting in a three-car pile-up on Manhattan Avenue at Dupont Street. He was then arrested and taken to the hospital with a broken toe. According to an eyewitness, the owner of the Jeep parked it about 5 minutes before the accident occured.

A police officer sections off the crime scene

The victim's mangled glasses at the crime scene

Police gather around the car in which the undercover policeman pursued the criminals

Three-car pileup on Manhattan Avenue and Dupont

A local resident sent the Gazette an email saying that there was a shootout on Nassau Avenue earlier today.

I am still looking into it, as DCPI does not have the full details of the incident. If anyone has any information regarding any of these incidences please email me at

Khristina Narizhnaya

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