Monday, April 27, 2009

Blade Tour 2009

Spent the whole weekend skating around the ’hood, leaving my face redder than Vito Lopez’ after an Aaron Short blog post…

First stop Manhattan Special. Nothing better than hangin’ with Louis and the neighborhood’s best coffee (soda) klatch drinking Williamsburg’s iconic beverage and checking out the bella ragazzas on the Avenue. Brings me back to my youth, except I grew up in Queens. Maybe next week, I can get my car washed, if Mike gives up the hose.

Then a trip to PS 132’s annual Kite Festival at McCarren Park. Principal Beth Lubeck-Ceffalia and her team showed that they are the masters of Parks events! Special shout out to our friend Rebecca Ramirez from the Brooklyn Children’s Museum who brought her petting zoo to the park (shhh! No one tell Commissioner Spiegel). Got me an invite to read poetry to the kids at 132 for Poem in my Pocket Day, Thursday. Can’t wait.

Had breakfast with Assemblyman Joe Lentol , Martha Holstein, and Town Square’s Susan Anderson at Greenpoint Coffee House. Watch those sugar levels Joe! We need you around for another 37 years!

Visited CM Reyna’s community garden. The CM, joined by her father and son planted and watered and added to my budding Spanish vocabulary. I know, it’s “Trace Hen-ay-rass-ee-own-ess.” And roll the tongue on the “r”, Council Member. Went back to see the finished product the next day. What an amazing oasis on the corner of South 4th and Hewes!

Back to Punta Verde. Skated the Kent Avenue blading lane, which someone mis-labeled bike lane. Residents say the lanes cause major safety issues for kids going to the schools on the stretch and businesses claim damages because they can no longer receive shipments on Kent. Still, I LIKE THEM! A recent post says that Assemblyman Lopez is in the process of having the lanes removed. Hope that is not the case...I LIKE THEM.

Then back to McCarren where I walked around-to the delight of Greenpoint’s paparazzi-with OSA Administrator Stephanie Thayer. Steph had the unenviable task of keeping the illegal vendors out of the park. Having been on the other end of a Thayer tongue-lashing, once or twice, I kind of felt bad for the vendors, but to her credit, Stephanie offered everyone help navigating the permitting process, if they wanted to come back to the unbelievably crowded park.
Don’t forget to check out Lentol Garden. Garden Best Friend Jackie and the other Friends did an incredible job fixing up the space. Be sure to stop by to say hi every Sunday from 1-4.

Got the Evan Thies fundraiser Monday night, so if Evan’s your man, be sure to stop by CitiStorage HQ (5 N. 11th St) on Monday April 27that 6:30PM.

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