Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our own Starbucks Explosion

Less than 24 hours after a small bomb struck an Upper East Side Starbucks, a Starbucks in our own neighborhood was rocked by another explosion--a blown manhole, out on Manhattan Ave.

In neither incident was anyone hurt. A Greenpoint eyewitness reported a scene not of disaster but of general confusion as laid-back coffee-shop bums transitioned to attempting discover what had been the source of a shrieking blast. With little details as of yet (the paper's reporters were at the 33rd District Council Candidate Debate) all I can say is--what is it about Starbucks?
Or, is it just that they're on every single corner?

(PS--write to aquinlan [AT] greenpointnews.com if you've got more info on the blast.)

Delivering the Gazette: A Photo Essay

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lopez endorses Yassky

From the office of David Yassky...

"I am honored to have the support of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Democratic organizations," said Council Member Yassky. "While dynamic and progressive leaders continue to join our campaign, I remain focused on fighting to deliver results and an accountable City government for taxpayers. I look forward to working with these organizations throughout this campaign and as Comptroller to create jobs and rebuild our economy for all those New Yorkers who have been forgotten and left behind."

"As Comptroller, David Yassky will hold government accountable, help rebuild the City's economy, and protect and expand the City's affordable housing stock," said Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Chair of the Brooklyn Democratic Party. "New Yorkers deserve a Comptroller that will fight for taxpayers to ensure their dollars are being spent wisely. David's record and vision for the Office prove that he will be that Comptroller."

What does this mean for the 33rd City Council race, upcoming petitioning, the Broadway Triangle plan, the Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning, and a whole bunch of policy initiatives affecting the neighborhood? What's David's move now? Will he endorse Steve Levin now? Evan Thies? Somebody else? No one?

According to Yassky spokesperson Danny Kanner:
"These are great candidates running for the seat and the voters for the 33rd will make the right decision."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Breaking News: I. S. 318 Shuts Down

I. S. 318 shuts down to monitor the unusually large number of flu cases. Get more details at greenpointnews.com.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pick Yourself Up with Coffee Stout

Beer for breakfast? If that’s too early for you, than you should certainly try Brooklyn Brewery’s new Coffee Stout for brunch. The beer is brewed with coffee from Stumptown Coffee roasters. Stumptown, which originates in Portland, Oregon recently opened up shop in RedHook, and it is their Guatemalan Full City roast bean that give the beer it’s wonderful coffee aroma and taste. The overall experience is much like drinking a more richly flavored and carbonated Guinness with the aroma and taste of coffee, and even some notes of chocolate. According to the Brooklyn Brewery website, the history of roasting coffee and malts for dark stouts is closely linked. Until the 1700s, when coffee-roasting technology was first introduced, malts were roasted over open fires giving dark beers a smoky flavor. With the use of these new roasting techniques, brewers were able to create malts that left a clean roasted flavor. Clearly the two beverages were meant to come together as one. And when they do, they are double the trouble with twice the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee, and nearly the twice the alcohol content of a regular beer. I think the folks at the brewery say it best when they say this beer “Is a stimulus package we can all believe in.” --Austin K.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gerry Esposito Video

Brooklyn Community Board One District Manager and local good guy Gerry Esposito Jr. (as in, "Gerry? Good guy. Good guy.") has a brand new campaign video for his city council candidacy in the 34th District. Incumbent Councilwoman Diana Reyna and Democratic District Leader Maritza Davila are the other declared candidates.

Gerry has enlisted the help of Morgan Pehme, local filmmaker and blogger who was last working for a candidate for Queens Borough President to challenge Helen Marshall, before the candidate lost interest in the race and dropped out. Now Morgan is working to get Gerry elected to City Council. Privately, local electeds are grumbling about Gerry's candidacy and urging him to drop out. So far, it doesn't look like he's going to listen. Also, he has raised $80,000 and has spent barely anything. Did we mention that thirty years ago he looked like Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider?

"Man, everybody got chicken, that's what happened. Hey, we can't even get into like, a second-rate hotel, I mean, a second-rate motel, you dig? They think we're gonna cut their throat or somethin'. They're scared, man."

Greenpoint Gazette staffers are loving this video today. Our three favorite moments: 1. The fact that it looks like Gerry has been superimposed into every scene. 2. Guido spouting at the end. 3. "Last year I voted for President Obama to change the nation, this year I'm voting for Gerry Esposito to change City Hall."

The passing of Teresa Polonski

We received this notice from Assemblyman Lentol's office today. Our deepest condolences to Teri's family and friends.

May 4, 2009

To: Friends and Colleagues
From: Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol
Re: The passing of Teresa Polonski

I am deeply saddened to inform you that my long-time friend and employee Teresa Polonski passed away Saturday, May 2nd after a long illness. Teri was my longest tenured staffer who worked for my father in the State Senate before joining my staff in 1973.

Following are details I thought you would be interested to know on Terri’s funeral:

Viewing Hours:
Tuesday: 7:00 TO 9:00 P.M.
Wed: 2:00 TO 5:00 P.M. AND 7:00 TO 9:00 P.M.

Evergreen Funeral Home
131 Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Mass of Christian Burial
Thursday, May 7th
9:30 A.M.
Mt. Carmel Church
16 Havemeyer StBrooklyn, NY 11211(718) 384-6234

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at 718-383-7474.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're not worried...

However worried the neighborhood might truly be about swine flu, last night at The Richardson on Graham Ave., a group of snarky revelers entered the bar wearing face masks on which they had painted mustaches. It was a way of poking fun at a potential pandemic everyone's treating like, uh, well--a potential pandemic.

(This photo is of a dude in Mexico, not Graham Ave. It was too dark in the bar for a good mug shot on my bad cameraphone. Apologies.) --AQ

Friday, May 1, 2009

Greenpoint in Song

Just listening to NPR, a song lyric caught my ear:

"All in the after hours of some Greenpoint bar,
I told you I can't listen, baby..."

That's from Okkervil River's "Plus Ones." Songsmith Will Sheff plays around here off and on... Below, he plays it at SoundFix:

Does anyone else have a favorite Greenpoint song?