Friday, May 8, 2009

Pick Yourself Up with Coffee Stout

Beer for breakfast? If that’s too early for you, than you should certainly try Brooklyn Brewery’s new Coffee Stout for brunch. The beer is brewed with coffee from Stumptown Coffee roasters. Stumptown, which originates in Portland, Oregon recently opened up shop in RedHook, and it is their Guatemalan Full City roast bean that give the beer it’s wonderful coffee aroma and taste. The overall experience is much like drinking a more richly flavored and carbonated Guinness with the aroma and taste of coffee, and even some notes of chocolate. According to the Brooklyn Brewery website, the history of roasting coffee and malts for dark stouts is closely linked. Until the 1700s, when coffee-roasting technology was first introduced, malts were roasted over open fires giving dark beers a smoky flavor. With the use of these new roasting techniques, brewers were able to create malts that left a clean roasted flavor. Clearly the two beverages were meant to come together as one. And when they do, they are double the trouble with twice the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee, and nearly the twice the alcohol content of a regular beer. I think the folks at the brewery say it best when they say this beer “Is a stimulus package we can all believe in.” --Austin K.

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